E.G. Hanson



I am a multi-disciplined designer with a strong business/marketing background, who brings a fearless & unique perspective to the projects that I play a role in. 



I've been a presenter at Minnewebcon, helped to establish and then participate in the AIGA UX Committee, been a guest lecturer at the Art Institutes, participated in the U of M design mentorship program, had a blast as an Art Buddy, was an emcee for the Special Olympics, as well as volunteering as a coach for my daughters softball and basketball teams.



In the past, I have written about things that hope to give back to the community that has afforded me so much.  I've written about my experience with Art Buddies, interviewing tips for students and how I conquered some serious sketching demons.


Award winning.

Awards are never the goal, but when you get them, it feels great.  I've been fortunate to win awards for the hard work that I've done over the years, including 4 AIGA show awards, 3 AdFed Pushpin awards, a W3 award, as well as many others.